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Why You Should Choose Attorney David Scott

If you find yourself in need of a family lawyer, you should turn to us for all of your domestic legal needs. We’re proud to help families protect their rights, finances, and futures with quality, affordable legal services throughout Florida.
Family law matters can be emotional, stressful, and overwhelming to deal with. You may feel confused or helpless in your situation and unsure of how to move forward. That’s where we can step in to provide you with compassion, sensitivity, and years of knowledge and experience to guide you through your case and the legal process. Just as importantly, we can do it at a cost that everyday Florida families can actually afford.

Depending on your family issue, we can provide outstanding legal representation and counsel for a variety of matters, including but not limited to:

  • Divorce

  • Paternity

  • Parental responsibility

  • Time sharing

  • Child Support

  • Spousal support

  • Marital property distribution

  • Domestic violence

  • Post-divorce litigation

In addition to comprehensive legal experience across the board, we are also committed to fight for the best interests of our clients and their families. To show our dedication to both the law and our clients, we have developed a set of guidelines that we always stand by to ensure that we handle every case fairly and with integrity. Here are a few of our top beliefs:

Equal rights to shared parenting and support. Florida law and our firm both believe that a child is better off spending time with both of their parents. Just because one parent can’t afford an expensive lawyer doesn’t mean they should have to give up their rights. We will work to fight for your rights and make sure you get that precious time with your child that you deserve. We also believe that both spouses have a responsibility to not only support themselves but also to support and care for their children equally.

Intolerance for domestic violence. You should never have to remain in a dangerous or unhealthy situation. We don’t tolerate physical, psychological, or emotional violence, and believe a domestic violence offender should be punished. If you are a domestic violence victim, contact us immediately so we can get you the help and legal assistance you need.

Alternatively, if you have been accused of domestic violence, you deserve to have your rights protected as well. We understand that there are all kinds of reasons that someone might be charged, and we offer compassionate, intelligent counsel for those in this position.

Always be prepared. Regardless of your situation, we will always be prepared to fight for your rights – whether that’s through a settlement or a trial. Even though a settlement might be preferred, you and your spouse might not always be able to agree on the terms. If that’s the case, we will go to trial ready to be your advocate.

Affordable legal representation. When most people think about hiring a lawyer, the first thing they think about is how much it will end up costing them. And rightly so, because a lot of family attorneys out there are shockingly expensive. But not being able to afford an attorney shouldn’t hinder your chance at quality legal representation. We are dedicated to providing clients with top legal counsel without the high price.

It’s easy to conduct an internet search for a family lawyer and pick the first one that pops up. But you’ll be in better hands if you contact us. We provide you with a free initial consultation to discuss the circumstances of your case and help you understand what options are available to you. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way to getting the best possible legal representation for your family law case.