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4 Ways to Move on After a Divorce

David Scott, P.A. Aug. 21, 2022

When someone gets divorced, they may feel the excitement of living a new, independent life. Or they might feel the sadness of ending a life with their partner. Or some combination of the two.

Divorce is a big change, and any emotion you feel related to it is valid. But negative emotions from your divorce can have prolonged damaging effects on your overall health and life. Use these tips to move on after a divorce and enjoy the freedom of this new phase in your life.

Take Care of Yourself. Allow yourself to grieve for the relationship, but don’t let this period of time have a negative impact on your overall health and well-being. Be sure to take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Get enough sleep, stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine, and surround yourself with sources of positive energy. Not only will you feel (and look) better when you are ready to fully move on, but self-care and self-love will also get you there faster.

Don’t feel bad if you decide to seek professional help to better take care of yourself. It is normal to feel depressed after a divorce, and if symptoms of depression last for an extended period of time, you may want to visit a therapist for help with moving on. 

Spend Time with Positive People. Having people that you love around you is a wonderful way to get through the process of grieving or heartbreak. Your family and friends all want to support you and see you happy after your divorce. Lean on them and seek their guidance for how to move on.

Often, recent divorcees feel lonely after breaking up with their spouse. For years, they may have been your best friend. If you feel that you do not have people to laugh with and have a good time, find ways to make new friends who share similar interests to you. Go out to a concert or an event where there will be other single people with similar interests to expand your circle of friends.

Doing this may seem tough at first, but most people find that it quickly becomes a valuable distraction – not to mention providing them with the opportunity to find people who can help guide you through this new phase of your life.

Set Goals for Yourself. Even if you are feeling upset now, know that these negative emotions will fade away with time. And while you shouldn’t ignore your feelings of sadness, looking to the future will help you find motivation and encouragement to move on.
Set goals for yourself: where do you want to be in five years? In 10? These could be goals for your career, romantic life, finances – anything! Just keep these goals in mind as a destination to move toward when you encounter bumps in the road.

Know That You Can Make a Change in Your Finances. Divorce rocks your world not just emotionally, but also financially. You and your spouse will have to split property and assets, and you might have a smaller budget than you anticipated. If certain rulings (alimony, child support, and so on) were not made in your favor, you may feel hopeless.

But you do have the power to adjust or change rulings, even after they have been “finalized.” A family lawyer can help. In certain situations, Florida allows you to petition for modifications or the termination of alimony and child support and get the financial stability that you and your children deserve.

Contact a Florida family lawyer today for more information on these petitions, and how a lawyer can represent you to get the quality of life and divorce rulings you deserve.