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Guide to Florida Divorce: Part 2 – Low-Cost Filing Options

David Scott, P.A. Aug. 21, 2022

You should never remain in an unhappy, abusive, or unwanted marriage because you’re afraid you won’t be able to afford the cost of divorce.

Too often, couples in Florida feel they must stay together because of their financial situation, mistakenly believing they cannot pay for a divorce. But getting divorced in Florida doesn’t have to cost a fortune—there are plenty of options for filing for divorce in the Sunshine State that are both simple and cost effective. With smart planning and a low-cost attorney, you can save money, time, and energy, allowing you to focus your effort on what really matters—coping with the emotional hardship of separation, adjusting to new changes, and moving forward with your life.

There’s no getting around it—divorce is tough. It’s tough on your emotions, lifestyle, and family, but it doesn’t have to be tough on your finances. Below, we’ve listed some money-saving strategies for couples who are filing for divorce in Florida.

Simplified dissolution of marriage. If you have no minor children or children on the way, you and your spouse may be able to obtain a simplified dissolution of marriage. To file for a simplified dissolution, you must both exchange financial information and agree not to pursue additional discovery into each other’s finances or pursue alimony.

With simplified dissolution, you will both file a petition together that includes your financial affidavits and a settlement agreement on how you will divide your assets. After filing, you will present your petition to a judge, who will sign the order if all the requirements are met. Once the order is signed, your divorce will become finalized.
If you are interested in pursuing simplified dissolution, consult with a low-cost Florida divorce attorney. Your attorney can advise you on how to effectively divide your assets and liabilities, and help you to properly draft the petition, affidavits, and settlement.

Mediation. If you are pursuing a simplified dissolution, but you and your spouse cannot agree on everything, you may want to consider attending mediation. Mediation is the process of figuring out a settlement that resolves disputes, and then putting that agreement into writing. After a successful mediation, you can file for a simplified dissolution.

Alternatively, you or your partner could file a petition for dissolution with your agreement attached. Once the other partner submits an Answer, you will be able to continue immediately to the court hearing to have your divorce finalized. Talk to your attorney about supervising your mediation. An experienced and compassionate attorney can facilitate discussion and help you resolve your differences in a way that complies with the law and accommodates your family’s needs.

Representation from a low-cost family attorney. However, it isn’t always possible to reach a settlement on all issues through mediation. In this scenario, it may become necessary for you and your spouse to take your case to family court. This is where fees can pile up, particularly if you hire an ineffective attorney.

You can greatly reduce costs by hiring a low-cost Florida divorce attorney, who can represent your interests and protect your rights while saving you money. If you are unable to pay for complete representation throughout your divorce case, you and your attorney may be able to work out an agreement where he or she represents you in only the most challenging or particularly important issues. For example, you could have your attorney represent you in issues such as child support or alimony.

Whatever route you to decide to take when seeking a low cost divorce, it’s highly advisable to consult with an attorney before taking action. Your lawyer can evaluate your family’s unique situation, and help you determine your most effective and affordable options. With the help of an inexpensive attorney, you can protect your family and assets during divorce proceedings without wasting money on unnecessary costs and fees. An attorney can guide you through the divorce process efficiently, without omission or costly errors.

Our legal team is dedicated to providing divorce representation to Florida families at a price they can afford. We believe that everyone should have access to experienced, dependable, and compassionate legal representation, even if they are on a tight budget. With the help of one of our talented attorneys, you can ensure the best possible outcome for your divorce, while avoiding complications and expensive litigation in the future.

If you are interested in learning about other low-cost options for filing for divorce, give us a call. During our free initial consultation, we will evaluate your situation and talk to you about how you can start protecting your rights and interests throughout the Florida divorce process without losing money.