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Looking for an Inexpensive Attorney for Your Paternity Case?

David Scott, P.A. Aug. 21, 2022

We Can Help Determining Paternity

Establishing paternity can be a complicated and confusing process. If a child’s mother is unwilling to cooperate in determining paternity, a father may feel powerless in establishing his parental rights. If a father refuses to submit to a paternity test, a mother may feel left with no options for gaining fair support for her child. Regardless of which parent is affected, a child is always better off with the positive influence and equitable support of both parents.

If you are facing an issue of paternity, we understand what is at stake, and we are here to help you navigate the tumultuous process of establishing paternity. From legal paternity, to visitation and child support, we provide south Florida residents with top-quality, affordable family law services.

Florida laws provide both fathers and mothers with the ability to establish paternity, but doing so often requires the aid of an experienced attorney. However, many children miss out on a full and fulfilling relationship with both parents because either the mother or the father is unable to afford a lawyer.

If you are looking for an inexpensive attorney, but are skeptical about finding someone in your budget, let us show you that you can afford a legal advocate for your paternity case. With offices throughout the south Florida area, we’ve built our practice on the belief that all parents deserve quality relationships with their children, and an inability to afford a high-priced attorney should not rob them of that right. We’ve taken the revolutionary step of setting our hourly rates at nearly half of the industry average so that you can always find a qualified and competent attorney within your budget. We believe that an excellent attorney can still be an inexpensive attorney, and that you deserve the best legal representation during the paternity process.

Don’t let overpriced attorneys keep you from establishing a relationship with your child. Contact us today.