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Struggling with Divorce in Florida? There’s an App for That

David Scott, P.A. Aug. 21, 2022

A new app is helping Florida parents navigate the tough waters of divorce with greater success.

The app is called FAYR, which stands for Family Advocacy Your Responsibility. Michael Daniels, a father from Florida, developed the app while he was going through his own divorce.

Daniels knew he wasn’t his best self during the divorce. He was exasperated with the ordeal of having to stay in constant contact with a contentious former spouse and keep up with all the legal details. The app helped him share relevant information with his ex-spouse in a non-personal way, as well as allowing him to save time.

He has appeared on Apple TV and gained the support of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who now consults him on how he can help more divorced families with the app.

Now, thousands of other families in Florida and around the United States are benefiting from this app. It is free for iPhone and iPad users, and is currently being developed for Android systems.

Understanding the Basics of Fayr and How It Can Help You

FAYR has four main features:

• A calendar with shareable activities to keep track of a co-parenting schedule
• An expense tracker to document the money each parent spends on the children
• A geo-tracking option to prove whereabouts when you are with your children
• A report generator for court documents, which may improve the chances of winning in court

The FAYR app can be used by one parent or both; it does not need the cooperation of both parents to be beneficial. A cost applies when documents are exported.

Have you considered using this app or other tracking apps to make life simpler as your divorce proceeds? Divorce is a stressful experience, and it can easily overwhelm you if you lack helpful tools or coping mechanisms.

Other Ways to Cope with Divorce Stress and Make the Process Go More Smoothly

If you’re still struggling with your divorce, these additional tips may help you cope better and improve your outlook.

  1. Don’t ruminate all day long about your problems. Schedule in “worry time” for a certain period of day and dedicate this time to addressing any divorce-related issues. By facing your fears one at a time during structured time limits, your negative emotions won’t feel so overwhelming.

  2. Try to see your situation objectively. When sorting out hard feelings, it may be helpful for you to focus on why instead of what. Asking yourself what you’re feeling can cause a negative downward spiral. Asking why you are feeling how you are can help you move forward in a new direction.

  3. Consider what you want in the days ahead, rather than focusing on your ex-spouse’s flaws. A forward-focused mindset will keep your healing process in motion. Spending time with friends, exercising, volunteering, and enjoying a hobby can provide hope for the future.

  4. Be the best parent possible. Remember, you’re divorcing your spouse, not your kids. Your children will be deeply affected by your divorce, and they need you now more than ever. Keep legal paperwork and discussions away from your children. Provide regular routines and plenty of emotional support. Refrain from making negative comments about your ex-spouse in front of your children. Remember to have fun together, and be available when they want to talk.

If you feel like you can’t navigate the difficult season of divorce alone, help is available to you. An experienced family law attorney will know what provisions are available to you under Florida law. Schedule your initial consultation today.