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Why You Need a Lawyer by Your Side During a Divorce in Florida

David Scott, P.A. Aug. 20, 2022

Divorce is tough. While you are trying to work through a broken heart or the betrayal of your ex, you also have to divide all of your property and legally figure out every detail that arises when you split up.

Divorce can also feel very lonely depending on your relationship to your ex, their family, and how the people in your life are handling the situation. If you do not have friends or family that have experienced a recent divorce, it’s not easy to find someone who understands and has the ability to help you through this process.

There is a way to receive the support and guidance you need throughout the divorce process, though, and it is something that can also help to prevent the need for any more lawsuits or settlements that involve your ex in the future: hiring a divorce lawyer. Below are several ways that it can help to work with a family attorney throughout your divorce. 

4 Ways a Florida Family Attorney Can Help During Your Divorce

You May Not Have to Go to Court. It is normal for two former spouses to disagree on big issues like child custody, alimony payments, or the division of property. If you can’t come to a mutual agreement, you will have to wait until you can get a court date and battle it out in front of a judge.

Many lawyers understand the desire to settle out of court if possible, though. Because of this, more and more of them are leaning toward using collaborative practice with other lawyers to come to an agreement before a hearing is necessary.

Your Ex Is Lying or Manipulative. A lawyer is most necessary when your ex is not willing to cooperate, or has previously used unlawful or manipulative tactics to trick you out of receiving the financial support you deserve.

Divorce can be more than just painful – it can ruin an individual’s life or financial situation. Having a third party with knowledge of Florida law and experience dealing with difficult or manipulative spouses is your best bet for coming to a fair and favorable settlement.

You Aren’t Impressed by Alimony Calculators or Child Support Guidelines. Have you already checked out calculators or other online guides that detail how Florida determines divorce rulings? If the results you got were not what you expected, do not give up.
It is possible for Florida courts to deviate from child support guidelines or rearrange a custody agreement that is best for your child. A lawyer will be able to help you fight the typical rulings and get the arrangement that you deserve.

You May Avoid Court After Your Divorce Is Finished. Divorce rulings don’t always take the future – or the unexpected – into account. There may be times after your divorce is settled that you will have to go back to court or change your arrangement (child custody, child support, and alimony can all be modified or terminated).

The best way to prevent the need for more time in court is to work with a family lawyer who has experience handling divorce and post-divorce litigation. How do your plans and goals affect the final divorce rulings? What changes will be better for you now and in the future?

How to Find a Florida Divorce Lawyer

Once you have decided that you need a family attorney, it is time to find the individual who will best work with your situation and represent you to get the outcome you desire – without breaking the bank.

Start your journey to finding the lawyer who is right for you by reaching out today – we offer a free 20 minute consultation, and promise to work hard for each of our clients as they navigate their way through this momentous change to their life and their family.